The Power of One Month: Katana Unlocks eCommerce Revenue Growth

In the world of lead generation, every day counts. Every moment presents a new sales opportunity.

At Katana, we’re no stranger to the ever-evolving lead generation landscape. We understand the challenges of our clients' potential customers. Katana recently embarked on a journey with a new eCommerce client. We're determined to increase our clients’ revenue with our strategic, data-driven approach. 

Here's what we achieved for our new eCommerce client in just one month:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective when implemented correctly. After careful analysis, we spotted a range of opportunities to help our clients improve their email marketing. Here’s how we improved our client’s email marketing in one month (Yes, you read right. One month):

Saved on monthly fees

Our clients' monthly email sends range between 40,000 - 80,000 emails per month. Our client was using Klaviyo for their email marketing efforts at a monthly fee of approximately R15,000. With our experience, we knew that there are more affordable, effective email marketing platforms. Moreover, we knew these would be better suited for our client. We migrated our client to another email service provider, Mailmodo. By migrating email service providers, we saved our client roughly R10,000 in monthly fees. We then reallocated these savings to the paid social budget.

Improved the email deliverability

We improved email deliverability by setting up a new domain sender address. The old domain had a bad domain reputation, which meant emails would not be delivered to many recipients on their mailing lists. We also tested fragmented email sends. This allowed us to send an email campaign to a few hundred people, every few hours, instead of all at once. Fragmented email sends have further helped to improve email deliverability. 

Increased email marketing revenue

In Mailmodo, we built new, high-converting email templates. We also created automated sequences, and new segments that focus on engaged subscribers. This helped us increase tracked email marketing revenue by R60,000, compared to the previous month.

Our successful email campaigns helped to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) for email by R500, per order. Part of this was our usage of machine learning to correctly identify high value customers and then send to those customers.

Paid Social

Our team carefully analysed previous months' paid social campaign performance. We were not impressed with the performance, and opted to restructure the existing campaigns in their account. We also built 4 new “always on” campaigns. These included:

  • Top of the funnel campaigns to help build brand awareness and create new audiences. The top of your marketing funnel is the first stage of your potential customer’s journey with your business. It’s the first touchpoint: the first ad they see, or the first interaction they have with your business.
  • Bottom of the funnel campaigns to drive sales. The bottom of your funnel is where you find all those lovely customers, ready and aiming to buy from you. This is where a lead becomes a customer. 

Father’s Day was upcoming, and we expected this to be an important sales driver for our client. We created a Father’s Day competition campaign and landing page to capture new email addresses. We successfully generated a total of 255 sign-ups who we were able to target. This only cost us R5.38 per sign up.

Reporting Dashboard

Reporting plays an important role in what we do at Katana. Our reporting dashboards are self-service. Everything is there. This allows us to be transparent. We either make numbers or we don't. We are unable to hide them from you.

For our eCommerce client, we built a live dashboard showing their Google Analytics 4 (GA4), email and Google Ads data. This included setting up correct UTM tracking links for all active campaigns. We also discovered improvements we can make in the data hygiene of the business that will affect decision-making in the future.

This dashboard helps us track and optimise campaigns, and gives our client complete transparency. Our eCommerce client can access this live dashboard whenever they please.

User Experience

We spent time analysing the checkout experience for users and made several small improvements. While these changes may have been small, they all contributed to a simpler checkout experience. We removed scripts that were loading more than once and removed multiple discount code inputs..These minor changes resulted in the sale conversion rate improving by 28% in one month.

The Overall Results For Month One

  • Total revenue was up by R72,000 compared to the previous month. Our client's revenue target of R750,000 was only missed by R5,000. It’s important to note that the client hadn’t been this close to achieving their monthly revenue goal in more than 6 months.
  • The conversion rate on our client’s website increased by 28% (from 1.78% to 2.28%).
  • The Average Order Value (AOV) across all channels increased from R1,053.72 to R1,194 (13%). 

Ready to unlock eCommerce revenue growth?

At Katana, we’re committed to finding innovative ways to grow our clients’ revenue. Testing and trialling new methodologies and channels is a vital component of our operations. 

Our experience, backed by data-driven insights, helps us achieve remarkable results for our clients. Say goodbye to the misleading metrics. We deliver real results, so you can generate remarkable revenue.

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