Katana outperforms Facebook

During 2021, Katana became the only lead generation agency in South Africa to be invited to participate in a significant trial to help Facebook improve its products for business. This performance trial was to see which conversion objective produced the best lead quality, in comparison with a range of top performing campaigns. In short, could Katana beat Facebook’s algorithm? Yes.


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Over the years, the necessity for digital marketing, using online based digital technologies and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services, has been on a steady rise. 

The sudden demand for an active online presence owing to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the need. Increased competition in the digital space has made it much more difficult to stand out to consumers.

As a maverick digital agency, we recently added another feather to our growing cap of success. Katana is fully focused on ensuring true Return on Investment (ROI). We ensure that the money you put into your campaigns gives you a fruitful return for each of our uniquely selected clients. Recently, we outperformed one of Facebook’s latest campaign tests with an 87% increase in conversion rate and a 65% decrease in cost per sale.

We pride ourselves on turning potential customers into returning customers to increase your future sales. We specialise in lead generation. Lead generation is a critical asset in customer acquisition and retention, using online tools to turn potential customers into returning customers in order to increase future sales.

Kerry Duncan, MD at Katana, highlighted her team’s commitment towards experimental approaches to marketing strategies:

“We are so excited to have been selected to run this trial, as it speaks to our maverick culture that relies heavily on our research and development. As an atypical marketing agency, our team remains committed to finding innovative ways to grow our clients’ revenue streams. Being able to test and trial new methodologies is an imperative component of our operations. We’re very pleased to note the great results this trial generated, and how it has positively influenced our client’s profit margin.”

At the implementation stage, we elected to test for lead quality. Lead quality is of prime importance, and encompasses the process of identifying how likely your prospects are to become your paying customers. The results spoke for themselves, as this trial proved we managed to not only compete, but outperform, the Facebook conversion objective.

The experiment objective:

The goal of the experiment was to determine if Facebook’s ‘Conversion Leads’ objective would outperform the standardised Conversions campaign that uses our custom built landing pages.

The primary metrics analysed included: 

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): The average cost of generating a lead for your business. This may include the cost of media used to generate a lead.
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS): CPS is calculated by measuring the amount of money a business spends to make a sale, divided by the number of sales.

The experiment results:

After running this experiment for a two week period, the final results were quite interesting. Before we dive into the numbers, it’s important to note that both campaigns had the exact same settings, audiences, copy, creative assets, and budget. The only difference between the two campaigns were the objective settings.

Now for the good stuff! The results are broken down below:

  • Number of leads: FBLA obtained 78 leads, whilst FBWA achieved 119.
  • Cost per lead: FBLA achieved R470.84, whilst FBWA achieved R307.65.
  • Cost per sale: FBLA achieved R2448.38, whilst FBWA achieved R851.39.
  • Conversion rate: FBLA achieved a conversion rate of 19.23%, whilst FBWA achieved 36.13%.

The conversion rate was 87% higher using our campaigns, while cost per sale was 65% cheaper. More leads for less money!

As digital marketing evolves, so too should your business tools and strategies. Forward thinking businesses speak to Katana.

Direct access to founders

At Katana, there are no corporate bureaucracies, red tape cartwheels, or customer support horror stories. You already deal with enough faceless companies. Our clients talk directly to our founders, Kerry and Mark.

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