Katana + Memorable = More leads, More Sales, Better Ads…

We used Memorable AI to optimise our clients' Facebook Ad creative. Memorable gave us comprehensive insights into elements of our ad creative. This helped us to increase leads and sales for our client, while reducing the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Sale (CPS).

The Challenge

As a lead generation agency, we’re always looking for tools to give us better campaign results. Unlike others, we want our clients to generate sales, not bill them hours… While searching for new tools, we came across Memorable.io. 

Previous tools we had tested didn't give us valuable insights that were based on historical data located within the ad account.

We wanted to find out exactly which elements in our ad creative worked, and which didn't. Memorable seemed to promise us this?

What is Memorable?

Memorable is a software that gives advertisers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their ad creative through three crucial factors: memorability, saliency, and conversion potential.

Memorability measures how likely viewers are to remember the ad long after they've seen it. Memorable gives insights into the factors that contribute to an ad's memorability. This allows advertisers to craft campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Saliency addresses the ability of an ad to grab viewers' attention. In a world saturated with advertising, standing out from the crowd is essential. Memorable analyses elements within an ad to determine how eye-catching it is. This helps advertisers create content that captures the viewer's interest from the very beginning.

Conversion potential delves into the likelihood of an ad leading to desired actions, such as clicks, leads, purchases, or sign-ups. By assessing an ad's conversion potential, Memorable helps advertisers supercharge their Return on Investment (ROI).

With Memorable, you can use AI to improve the performance of every ad, image and video you create. Memorable helps you test and optimise your assets with deep learning and cognitive science models.

Client overview 

This insurer sells value-added Personal, and Car, Insurance products through their in-house contact centre.



Using Memorable’s elements reporting, we were able to predict which elements in our ad creative would captivate attention. This gave us vital insights that helped fuel our ad creative optimisation.

After analysing our current ad creative, Memorable give us these suggestions:

  • Move our clients’ logo to the top right of the creative.
  • Remove the pricing from the ad creative headline.
  • Use the light blue brand colour, instead of dark blue.

We then used Memorable’s Saliency Heatmap to analyse our current creative, compared to the new ad creative developed using Memorable’s suggestions.

The Saliency Heatmap is a data visualisation technique that helps quantify how much attention the different elements of your ad creative is attracting. The Heatmap pinpoints where human attention is likely to linger. The “hot” zones of the map correspond to high levels of predicted human attention, while “cold”  zones suggest areas that go unnoticed.

Before Memorable:

After Memorable:


The Saliency Heatmap shows that the changes we made shifted the attention of viewers towards our clients’ logo, and the ad creative headline. From this, we predicted higher lead volume for our client. Here are the results for month 1 after making multiple optimisations based on Memorable’s data:

  • Increase in leads by: 52.7%
  • Increase in sales by: 71.8%
  • Increase in the ad Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by: 27.5%
  • Decrease in the Cost Per Lead (CPL) by: 21%
  • Decrease in the Cost Per Sale (CPS) by: 29.9%
  • Increase in the Sales Conversion Rate by: 13%

* Click-Through-Rate (CTR): A metric that measures the percentage of people who click on an ad out of the total number of individuals who view the ad.

* Cost Per Lead (CPL): A metric that measures the average cost of acquiring a single potential lead.

* Cost Per Sale (CPS): A metric that measures the average of acquiring a single sale.

As these results prove, minor adjustments to your ad creative can produce outstanding results. 

Our experience, backed by data-driven insights, helps us achieve remarkable results for our clients. We deliver real results, so you can generate remarkable revenue.

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