Implementing the 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework at Katana

The 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework is a messaging methodology that simplifies your content generation process. The framework is a proven, deeply effective approach for your content team.

The 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework at Katana

Katana is always on the lookout for new tools and strategies to help our clients generate quality, cost-effective leads. During the first quarter of 2022, we discovered a unique messaging framework called The 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework. 

We were intrigued by this clearly effective messaging framework. Our CMO opted for our Content team to implement what we now call The 5LB, internally. We decided to test the messaging framework on a trial basis to see what the effect would be on some of our lead generation campaigns.

Was it successful? Yes, it was! This messaging methodology has enabled and unlocked further success for our client campaigns at Katana, and continues to do so.

Who is Billy Broas?

Billy Broas meandered into a career in online marketing in 2010, when he left his career to run his home beer brewing website. Since then, Billy has been the marketing brains behind some of the top online entrepreneurs and course creators. Billy doesn’t consider himself to be a “natural-born” marketer, and saw a need to simplify his marketing messaging. Billy didn’t just do it for himself - he did it for small businesses, online course creators, and entrepreneurs alike. That’s when the 5 Lightbulbs Messaging framework was born.

What is the 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework?

The 5LB can be applied across multiple channels, and for just about anything you can think of. The number one use case for the framework is, however, to craft a complete and compelling marketing message to use across various marketing channels.

The Katana implementation 

We implemented The 5LB after our CMO, Mark, discovered this methodology. Mark then brought it to the Content team, and we set out to trial and test the success of the framework for our diverse range of clients.

During a late night conversation between Mark, Billy Broas and our Head of Content, Katana showcased some of the ways the 5LB Framework had been adopted in-house. Moving forward, we used the 5LB methodology for content generation for multiple advertising and organic channels. 

Our Content team took to generating copy for various channels using our beloved 5LB. Internally, this has optimised our Content team’s outputs, and enabled even more lead generation success for our clients.

The results

For one of our Insurance clients, we introduced the 5LB approach in a separate campaign to the clients “Business As Usual” (BAU) Facebook campaign which has, historically, brought in a high volume of conversions, but at a relatively high Cost Per Lead (CPL).

As we’ve noted, this performance boost is not reflected in English, but other languages too. For this campaign, we created content in English and Polish. 

The Ad copy and creative that is used in the BAU campaign was generated using the traditional content format and is geared solely for lead generation purposes. The average CPL was ZL51.94.

Adopting the 5LB approach for this client almost immediately reduced the Cost Per Lead (CPL) from ZL51.94 to ZL30.94. That is a reduction of 67% in Cost Per Lead. Over month one of our testing, as illustrated below, utilising the 5LB approach unlocked the below results for our client.

More leads for less money spent!

Before implementing the 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework:

After implementing the 5 Lightbulbs Messaging Framework:

The 5LB approach turns out to be a lightweight approach, with heavy hitter results! Just the thing we like at Katana.

Now that our 5LB approach has proven successful for one of our clients, we have introduced it across the board to take advantage of that large lead volume with a low CPL.

Direct access to founders

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