Don't listen to Google

Relying on Google for lead generation optimisation suggestions is not the best approach.

Google is without a doubt a powerful search engine that can give you a wealth of information. It's important to remember that Google is not a lead generation expert. Relying on Google for lead generation optimisation suggestions is not the best approach. 

Here's why you shouldn't listen to Google for optimisation suggestions:

Don’t fall for biased recommendations

Google's primary business model revolves around advertising revenue generated through Google Ads. Naturally, Google has a vested interest in promoting its own services. 

The suggestions from Google are biased towards increasing ad spend, or using features within their platform. While these suggestions may be helpful, it doesn't mean you should blindly do what Google says. If you do, you'll likely end up spending more money, and getting less leads.

You need the lead generation experts who know what they're doing. You need Katana.

Generalised advice

Even if Google isn't trying to extract more money from you, you'll be left bored stiff with generalised advice. Google's ad optimisation suggestions are generalised and aimed at a broad audience. 

Google doesn't take into account the unique characteristics of your target audience. Ad optimisations require a tailored approach that aligns with your unique goals. Generic advice won't improve your advertising strategy, or your Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Lack of competitive insights

Google's ad optimisation suggestions are made with zero competitive insight. Gaining a competitive edge requires a deep understanding of your competitors. Google's recommendations are not made with your competitors in mind. Your competitors are probably listening to Google themselves. How will you stay ahead of your competitors if you're doing the same thing as them?

Don't be fooled by biased recommendations! Google's suggestions are designed to maximise their own advertising revenue. At Katana, we believe in unbiased optimisation that puts your goals and success first. 

Google's optimisation suggestions are generic, ignoring the unique characteristics of your target market. Don't settle for generic advice. At Katana, we create personalised strategies that align with your specific goals. 

Don't blindly follow Google's agenda. Say hello to targeted, data-driven lead generation with Katana.

Direct access to founders

At Katana, there are no corporate bureaucracies, red tape cartwheels, or customer support horror stories. You already deal with enough faceless companies. Our clients talk directly to our founders, Kerry and Mark.

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