Is a 32% drop in cost per sale possible? It is, with Katana.

Dropping your Cost Per Sale is an often overlooked metric to increase revenue. With the right strategies in place, any business can achieve excellent results. Katana is proof of this. We helped reduce the CPS by 32% for one of our clients. We do it for them. We can do it for your business too.

We always deliver

Our insurance clients have trusted us for many years. We’ve proven ourselves to them month-on-month, for the past 5 years. 

The South African insurance landscape ​​is highly competitive. Insurers need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Or, even better, outsmart their competitors.

Here are some of our key results for one of our insurance clients. This case study compares just one of our paid social campaign results year-on-year between January 2022 and January 2023:

Product: A vehicle insurance product that provides extended warranty services to policyholders.

This campaign saw a significant improvement year-on-year. We reduced the CPL by 41.2% in January 2023, while decreasing the CPS by 32%. 

This means: the payback period for the product dropped from 2.5 months to 1.8 months.

How did we achieve these results?

We noticed a trend of competitors pausing campaigns during the early January period. Using this knowledge, we leveraged this gap in campaign activities. This strategy produced exceptional results for our client.

In anticipation of January being a favourable month, we conducted testing on new creative variations in October and November. This allowed us to have already tested and validated our creative in the market, giving us the advantage of knowing what would work beforehand.

The results across all paid social and paid search

The campaign results we achieved for this client were not once off. We achieved incredible results across their entire lead portfolio.

Across ALL the campaigns for this client, we produced the following year-on-year results: 

  • Spend is up by 19.59%
  • Lead volume is up by 34.84%
  • Cost per lead (CPL) is DOWN by -36.12%
  • Sales are up by 31.64%
  • Cost per sale (CPS) is DOWN by -13.57%
  • Cross-sales and up-sales: 171 

The reason we increased the spend was because we saw good results early on in the campaign. Our client moved quickly to increase the spend and take advantage of the performance.

What’s next for us?

At Katana, we’re committed to finding innovative ways to grow our clients’ lead portfolios. Testing and trialling new methodologies and channels is a vital component of our operations. 

Your business needs lead generation experts that don’t just give you the numbers, but we make sense of them too. We work directly with our clients to create strategies to help them reduce their CPS. 

We don’t waste your time. We make money for your business. Want us to work towards reducing your CPS by 32%? Complete the form below.

Direct access to founders

At Katana, there are no corporate bureaucracies, red tape cartwheels, or customer support horror stories. You already deal with enough faceless companies. Our clients talk directly to our founders, Kerry and Mark.

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